We Drive Traffic, Leads & Sales For Your Business

Content isn't the only means to leverage social media. We help brands overcome this misconception by utilizing social advertising to drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales so you can meet and exceed your business goals.

For a business to grow it needs to increase its customers, increase the number of transactions per customer, or increase the transaction value per customer. We can help with all three.

This is the lifeblood of Monkedia as we leverage social media to maximize ROI and grow your business. We know that with 2+ billion social media users, there are new consumers of your product just waiting to be found. How? Think of social the same way that businesses think of television: while some need to develop a robust social presence/channel (e.g. ESPN), others simply need to leverage the advertising side of the platform (e.g. TV commercials). You see, it has become a common misconception that you can only leverage social through content. But the truth is, social media platforms have also quickly become the most powerful means to advertise today.

Why? They allow for direct injection advertising with advanced targeting via different mediums (video, image, text) and different technologies (desktop, tablet, mobile). And, they feature built-in focus-testing that allows brands to maneuver and optimize their advertising in real time.

At Monkedia, we understand that every brand doesn't need to be a channel, and we love nothing more than helping brands advertise without ever stepping a foot onto the content side of social. So, whether you want to generate new leads, build affinity for your brand, increase your website conversionsdrive sales, remarket to your current customers, or just boost your website traffic, we can help you accomplish your business goals at costs never seen before.

If this sounds of interest to you, we'd be excited to help you accomplish your goals by working together to develop and implement a social advertising strategy & funnel. So, contact us today and achieve actionable results that grow your business.

Advanced Targeting

Pinpoint exactly who to show ads by targeting via location, behaviors, remarketing, lookalike (finding people similar to your best customers) and more.

Objective Optimized

Build campaigns for leads, traffic, and sales, as well as increased engagement, reach, following, and more.

Direct Injection

Don't wait for searches or traffic by a billboard, inject your ad into targeted news feeds today.

Built-In Focus Testing

Forget hoping you got the creative or targeting right, we build the variations and users tell us what works.

Real Time Management

Up to the minute data allows us to monitor efficiency, optimizing ad spend in real time.

Video, Mobile, and More

Social advertising allows for not only diverse creative (video, image, text) but multiple technology placement as well (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Connect today and make Monkedia work for your business.

Our team can help you achieve your business goals by unlocking the full potential of your social media.

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