Social Media Content Expert

If you’re looking for an exciting career opportunity in digital advertising and marketing, working with a fast-growing company that runs on-going digital and social campaigns for some of today’s top brands (ESPN, Disney, Infiniti, & Dave Matthews Band - just to name a few), then Monkedia is the place for you. At Monkedia we believe people are the greatest part of our business, so we are excited to be hiring for the position of Social Media Content Expert.

To keep things simple, we are looking for someone with a passion for developing advertising content on social media that moves the needle and produce ROI in a massive way. If you are obsessed with social story-telling, user-center creative thinking and how to create the greatest reach and engagement ratios for what you develop, this is the position for you. The Social Media Content Expert would be responsible for not only designing and developing paid media on the social platforms, but leading a team of others developing social advertising creative on a daily basis. The individual best suited would enjoy working with data scientists to explore the nuances of social content to examine what really makes an impact on ROI. To succeed at Monkedia, you should a high attention to detail, creative problem solving skills, and an eye for what moves people on social media. If you want to be a part of accomplishing things never accomplished before on the internet - this is the place for you and this role, in particular, is key in our efforts to do so as the creative we develop for our clients’ accounts is integral to the very core of what we do.

At Monkedia, we care less about your badges of honor and more about who you are and what you’ve accomplished. We are a positive opportunity employer (equal is mundane) and give opportunities less on the school you graduated from and more on what you’ve done as a well-rounded human-being. So, if you want to join a fast-growing, creative company with passionate, driven, people, be sure to send us YOU, not just your accolades. And, if you’re paying attention, be sure to include your favorite company or celebrity you follow on social media in your cover letter!


  • A seasoned professional with extensive experience in social content development.
  • A passion and talent for big-idea thinking -  and telling stories - while understanding the nuances of the social media space. You don’t need social-only experience, but some is needed and a passion for it is an absolute must.
  • A strong knowledge and history working in the field, with expertise in the following areas—social content creation, user-centered creative thinking, digital marketing, and and understanding drive towards learning all things emerging tech and media to keep us on our game.
  • An expert ability to provide clear creative direction in a timely manner, and an understanding of how to scale and prioritize your time between team and business needs.
  • The desire to work with leadership to properly get projects and process off the ground.
  • Assist in developing company wide creative processes; including high priority brainstorms, emerging social opportunities, and innovating on campaign work.
  • ZERO ego. This is a collaborative work environment and that needs to be recognized and respected.
  • Be flexible with and open to new processes, platform changes, and emerging technologies.

Help Drive the Future of Social Media

Monkedia leads the way in social media by helping brands rethink their social approach and, in-turn, serving them through advanced advertising and management to grow their business through real digital ROI.

Take Ownership of Your Work

One of our core values at Monkedia is ownership. Employees at every level are empowered to own their work from start to finish, helping us be as effective as possible and make a measurable impact on the business.