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Create Better Customer Experiences With Intelligent Automation

Customer Experience Automation (or CX Automation) helps you build meaningful connections with your customers. The fastest growing brands leverage intelligent creative and communication engines that reach the right people, with the right message, at every stage of the customer journey. Utilizing advanced segmentation, conversion optimization, and experience funnels, we help brands deliver personalized communication at a macro scale — allowing for real connection with real people and creating the best customer experience possible.

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An A.I. + Machine Learning Powered Marketing Stack

Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, we build smarter customer intelligence automations. Automations customized to generate unique experiences for every person – so you can put the right message in front of the right people, helping you build stronger connections and grow your business.

Broadcast emails

Whether for a promotion, product release, newsletter, or something else, sometimes you just need to talk to everyone at once.

Triggered emails

Trigger emails based on purchase. Or downloading a lead magnet. Or after specific site visits. We send emails when your audience is most interested.

Targeted emails

Make sure the right message gets in front of the right people. We group your audience into segments based on almost any factor.

Email drip sequences

Deliver email drip sequences for specific products or lead magnets automatically. Or start a welcome, cultivation, purchase, re-engagement series and more.

Email funnels

The power of email is the ability to setup email automations that turn your contacts from interested leads into paying customers.

Functional emails

Auto-send emails following an abandoned cart. Or after order completion. Utilize email to nurture, convert, and upsell your customers.

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The 4 Key Principles of CX Automation



Whether it's thanking new subscribers for downloading your lead magnet, or offering a subscription incentive, business growth begins with brand indoctrination.

Engage + Educate

A major part of brand indoctrination is brand and product education. Whether it's through a personal story or a customer testimonial, the right messaging is what builds affinity for your brand.

Ascend + Upsell

While effective brand indoctrination and education may convert a new customer to your tribe, the work doesn't stop there. A strategy to upsell and cross-sell is necessary to maximize lifetime value.

Dynamic Segmentation

The most powerful customer experiences go far beyond simple segmentation into content-specific groups. Instead, dynamically send the content most relevant to each person, based on the actions taken as they engage with your brand.

Base Plan

$ 2,500

Per Month
  • 5 Triggered CX Automations
  • Up to 20 Automation Emails
  • 12 Month Minimum Contract
  • Multiple Product Automations
  • Broadcast Emails
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CX Automations

$ 500

Per Email
  • Multiple Product Automations
  • Avg. 4 Emails Per Automation
  • Can Be Added Anytime
  • Broadcast Emails
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$ 19.99

Per Month
  •  Custom Domain
  •  24/7 Customer Support
  • Month Of Free Bandwidth
  • Free WordPress Setup
  • Cake Delivered Daily
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