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Overview of Full Service


At Monkedia, we are in the people business. We are here to come alongside people like yourself and help you accomplish (and often exceed) your biggest of goals. Be it through our unique approach to data, our advanced Machine Learning + A.I.-Powered Marketing Stack, or our Customer Intelligence / Communication Engine Design, Monkedia is changing the way marketing & advertising drives business growth. Most importantly, we know we can make a massive difference in your business long-term. We are so excited you are considering going on this journey with us and we wanted to provide you some background on how we work together and why.

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Core Team

The core team at Monkedia is what we k now you need in place in order to be successful digitally. That core team is made up of three members.

The Strategist is your expert. They have spent years training and have managed millions of dollars in media buying – knowing exactly what the best scenarios for growth look like for your business. They will partner with you to think about your business, it’s products, your campaigns, creative and audience segmentation in the most optimal way possible.

The Success Manager is your executional one-stop-shop. They are your go-to and facilitate all efforts between not only the team members on the ground at Monkedia, but between both your team and our team while working at the right-hand of the strategist.

Finally, the Lead Data Analyst is an expert in understanding data we are gathering from campaigns and optimizing all media buying daily. They not only spend a lengthy time in the account each day, but are in charge of all continual learning so that performance improvement and business understanding is at the forefront of all we do.

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Marketing + Advertising Expert; Overall Strategy and Implementation.
  • On-going overall strategic oversight and expert planning
  • Bi-Weekly or Monthly Strategy Consultations

Success Manager

Day-to-Day Project Management.
  • Daily project management, execution, and collaboration between both Monkedia team members and client-based team members.
  • Executional one-stop-shop.
  • 24-hour email response on all urgent issues (or sooner for clients spending 300K+ monthly).
  • 48-hour email response on all other issues.

Lead Data Analyst

Daily Account Analysis, Optimization, and Media Buying.
  • Expert data analysis and media buying Facebook, Instagram, AdWords, or other platforms.
  • Executes daily statistical analysis and optimization of the account.
  • Responsible for execution and testing of campaigns, audiences, and creative.
  • Executes daily ad-buying focused on optimal overall performance and continual learning.

Creative Team

Our creative team are experts at developing creative in today’s ever-changing atmosphere. They understand the right kind of creative for acquiring new customers, engaging a current customer base and retaining that customer base to create the greatest LTV possible. They also understand all the different triggers that people respond to and at what point in the customer journey they respond to said trigger, be it an emotional trigger, a well-timed story or simply a call to action. This creative expertise allows our unique strategic implementation to create the ultimate relationship with current and future customers by reaching the right people with the right product at every stage of the customer journey.

Therefore, whether you need help on the right kind of visual creative to present within the media or the right kind of copy for just the right ad, our first-class creative team is here to help create maximum performance for everything we do together.

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Expert in writing various forms of copy, depending on the goal of the campaign.
  • Writes all original copy and split-test derivative copy for all campaigns.
  • Implements proper trigger techniques (call to action, emotional, story, etc.) depending on the type of creative and campaign goals.
  • Deeply aware of brand-story and voice.
  • Averages one 6-8 piece creative campaign/mo.

Visual Creative

Expert in various forms of graphic design and/or photography that drive results for campaigns.
  • Designs all visual aspects for campaigns, including graphic design and/or styled photography.
  • Implements proper trigger techniques (call to action, emotional, story, etc.) depending on the type of creative and campaign goals.
  • Deeply aware of branding guidelines.
  • Averages one 6-8 piece creative campaign/mo.

Additional Services

We know that there are always new demands that are put on your business and team. That’s why we have additional experts (and are always adding to our offerings) that can help you solve some of those big, up-hill challenges. So, whether you want an optimal website or your Board of Directors requires advanced data analysis on a regular basis, we have various resources and are always more than happy to help with any special needs you might have. Here are a couple of the main needs we have people ready and willing to step in on:

BI / Analyst

$750 / mo

Web Development

Starting at $750

(Quoted Based on Project)

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BI / Analyst

Expert in analysis of large sets of data for business intelligence.
  • Oversees data gathering for large-scale business intelligence.
  • Creates monthly insight report based on findings of data sets, business intelligence, and KPIs.
  • Can build custom on-going models and dashboards for particular problem sets.

Web Development

Expert in developing websites and landing pages, including work within various CMS systems.
  • Works closely with strategist, client success, visual creative, and copywriter to implement web or landing page vision.
  • Works within a variety of scenarios from full code to landing pages, to Shopify and/or WordPress.
  • Expert implementation of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

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