We'll Grow Your Following, Reach & Engagement

The right outreach strategy can transform your business, achieving maximum ROI by not only acquiring targeted followers, but reaching more of your following on a regular basis & increasing engagement to create a sticky clientele for your brand.

We are a Social Media Agency that is focused on what matters most to you - maximizing ROI and growing your business.

With 2+ billion social media users, there's no doubt there are new consumers of your products just waiting to be found. But if you want to grow your bottom line, it's not enough to simply post content and add fans - you need the right strategy for your brand's goals. 

At Monkedia, we're focused on getting ROI for your business. If you think of social media like television, some businesses need to develop a robust social channel (e.g. ESPN) while others just need to advertise on the platform (e.g. TV commercials). Either way, in this day and age social media is proving to be not only the greatest means to accomplish your business goals, but also the cheapest.

For those brands focused on building a robust social presence, many assume it's all about expanding your influence - but in reality, it's about deepening affinity for your product and building a tribe that is loyal to your brand. At Monkedia, we help brands around the world (1) acquire new followers, (2) reach their followers more often, and (3) increase overall engagement with their fan-base. So contact us today and we'll not only help you develop and execute a targeted strategy, we'll help you grow the right kind of following that will start you down the path of creating a sticky clientele - ultimately leading to the right kind of growth for your business.

Acquire New Fans

In order to grow your business you need new consumers of your brand. We help you build a tribe by growing your follower base through targeted social advertising and outreach.

Grow Your Reach

Building brand affinity is all about reaching your fans on a regular basis. We help you overcome the organic limits social platforms put on your communication by growing your reach through targeted advertising.

Increase Engagement

Engaging with your audience is ultimately what builds affinity and creates a sticky clientele. We help you develop a tribe through optimized content promotion, increasing engagement and affinity within with your following.

Connect today and make Monkedia work for your business.

Our team can help you achieve your business goals by unlocking the full potential of your social media.

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