We Develop Robust Social Presences

The right social strategy can help grow your business, achieving your business goals through the creation of an affinity-based tribe of customers that results in real ROI for you and your brand.

We are a Social Media Agency that is focused on what matters most to you - maximizing ROI and growing your business.

Did you know that a Google search for "Social Media Firms" will net you over 75 million results? It should come as no surprise then that today's top brands are looking to social media as a way to grow their business, because somewhere in the 2+ billion social media users there is massive potential for new consumers of your products.

But, how do you turn those social users into customers? Most brands quickly become frustrated with social media as firms instruct them to simply post content daily, but truthfully those plans rarely result in more dollars to your bottom line. In contrast, our sole focus is maximizing your return on investment. We know that by creating a social strategy built around your business goals and connecting your brand with the right people through social, you can leverage the platform and see real, actionable ROI.

The question is, what is the right strategy for you? We like to compare social media to television. Some organizations need their own channel to drive customer engagement and affinity (think ESPN), while others simply need to advertise on the channels themselves (think a car commercial on ESPN).

For those brands that don't need their own channel, social advertising can be very powerful. At the same time, for those brands that are inherently social, we love working together to develop a robust social presence for your business. At Monkedia, we help organizations around the world with (1) strategy, (2) content, (3) engagement, (4) growth, (5) reach, (6) monitoring, (7) analytics, and more.

If you want to build a tribe and develop a high affinity with potential customers, we'd love to chat with you about building a robust social presence. If your brand is focused more on driving traffic, leads, and sales, we'd love to explore what advertising could mean for you too. Either way, connect with us today and share your business goals so that together we can build a winning plan that maximizes ROI for you and your business.

Strategy Development

We help you rethink your approach to social media and get you started with the right strategy for your business goals.

Content Management

Creating and posting social, valuable content will help you connect and re-connect with the right consumers of your product.

Monitoring & Engagement

Our team of social media experts can manage your accounts, listening and engaging with your audience in real time.

Following & Reach Growth

We create and customize social media advertisements that increase your following and allow you to reach your audience more often.

Tribe & Affinity Development

It's not enough to just post content and grow your following, we help you create a tribe with deep brand affinity to create sticky clientele for your brand.

Social Analytics

We help brands create advanced reporting to not only understand what is happening with their social, but to ensure all efforts are producing maximum ROI.

Connect today and make Monkedia work for your business.

Our team can help you achieve your business goals by unlocking the full potential of your social media.

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