ESPN + St. Petersburg Bowl

The St. Petersburg Bowl's following wasn't growing and ESPN wanted to not only amplify their social media presence across all channels, but they desired to sell tickets via social advertising as well.


To amplify their social presence and sell tickets via social advertising.


Monkedia developed a complete advertising and content strategy aimed at not only increasing the following and reach of the bowl game, but also generating ticket sales and game day buzz for the event. Monkedia implemented a micro-targeting campaign, reaching potential customers by utilizing Facebook's advanced targeting to convert those potential customers into ticket purchasers. In addition, Monkedia leveraged a team of social reporters and digital managers to both produce excitement at the game and foster dialogue online.


The games Facebook page went from a crawl to a run, having only 7,850 fans after years of promotion to culminating with 12,600 highly-qualified fans at the end of the game - a 61% growth in followers and an astounding growth-rate that was 4.5x greater than the year before! The bowl game also hadn't been reaching its intended audience, but with the help of a new comprehensive content strategy complete with targeted advertising, the page's reach grew from just 100's of people per day to 15,000-20,000 per day. The investment in targeted ads additionally brought about a 10-1 ROI for the campaign, as each dollar invested resulted in $10 in sales. Finally, Monkedia's social strategy helped to achieve the holy grail of social buzz for ESPN - a spot on Twitter's trending list (a list that signifies the the most talked about topics on the platform at any given time). 


10-to-1 ROI

Twitter Trending

61% Page Growth

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