Kimball Espresso Cafe

Kimball Espresso, a small town cafe that offers premium, hand-crafted, espresso, was well known in their community but desired to re-engage and grow their customer base after competitors moved into the area.


A mom and pop store, well known in their small-town community, sees their business decline as competitors move in.


Monkedia implemented a geo-located market saturation campaign designed to re-engage their existing customer base, as well as acquire new customers. This was done by leveraging advanced targeting through Facebook advertising to offer coupons to local coffee lovers. In addition, Monkedia worked to limit the frequency by which any individual person would see the ad, allowing Kimball Espresso to reach more people and prevent overexposure.


Monkedia accomplished Kimball Espresso's market saturation goal by reaching 67% of people within a five mile radius of the store. For the first time in months, the store had lines at the cash register with the majority of customers buying more than the coupon offer. Monkedia achieved a Customer Acquisition Rate (CAR) of just $1.81. Additionally, 9% of all customers acquired ended up sharing the coupon advertisement with their network increasing exposure and brand value.


$1.81 CAR

67% Market Sat.

9% Share Rate

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