Sevenly is one of the first ever, and most highly touted, for-profit + for-good eCommerce brands. They exist to make lifestyle products that help fund charity projects across the globe. For every item purchased they give a portion of the sales to a designated charity. Going through a transitional period within the company, Sevenly turned to Monkedia to help them grow sales and decrease digital advertising cost, doing so in a manner that built positive relationships with each and every individual touched by the brand.


Increase sales, decrease advertising costs, and create incredible customer experiences.


Monkedia utilized Facebook advertising to drive highly targeted traffic to Sevenly's products by targeting individuals interested not only in the kinds of fashionable products Sevenly produces, but individuals also passionate about the particular cause that piece of advertising promoted. Facebook's advanced targeting allowed Sevenly to learn more about the kind of demographic that purchased their products as well as identify individuals that had donated to similar causes in the past. In addition, since Sevenly promotes new charities on a weekly basis it was extremely important that their on-going audience data and optimization wasn't skewed by a particular cause. Therefore, Monkedia utilized an advanced, first-of-its-kind, pixeling technique to leverage intelligent automation so that the company might scale more efficiently as it optimizes for new individual causes each week. These efforts significantly decreased advertising costs as it removed inefficiency and re-optimization time between campaigns. Finally, Monkedia worked with Sevenly to coordinate an advanced customer service and outreach plan that made sure each and every person knew there was an individual they could speak to should they have any questions about that particular cause, product, their shopping experience, and so much more. 


Monkedia and Sevenly, through their advertising efforts, were able to not only increase sales by more than 50%, but they were able to achieve a 9-to-1 ROI (every $1 invested in advertising generated $9 in sales). Additionally, upon implementing the new advanced customer service program, Sevenly was able to increase its net promoter score by 92% seeing new customers have some of their best experiences ever with the brand while also building deeper relationships with return customers than they had at anytime in the recent past.


50%+ Sales Increase

9-to-1 ROI

92% Increase in Net Promoter Score

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