Monkedia worked with Invisalign, the world leader in innovative teeth straightening solutions. Their clear aligners have transformed the way the world looks at braces and have increased the accessibility of such straightening solutions to age groups previously uncomfortable with such a product. As the brand worked to increase the number of worldwide leads it was generating for its dentists, it struggled to both keep costs low and create a balanced solution across a geographical area so that each dentist was provided with a good number of leads – regardless of their population center or demand.


user-base growth


decrease in cost per acquisition


conversion rate increase

Generate New Leads at Scale

Increase the size of the network, while also decreasing the cost per lead and maintaining a balanced lead load per dentist.


Content Funnel + Advanced Geographical Targeting

Monkedia started by utilizing Facebook and Instagram advertising to develop a content funnel which both built awareness and ultimately educated potential customers prior to engaging them to setup an appointment for a consultation. The funnel involved multiple types of content over various time periods and consisted of video, image, lead, link and messenger ads to interact at different stages and times within the funnel. One of the more unique elements of the content funnel was the innovative use of messenger ads, which are ads that, like normal, show up directly in the Facebook newsfeed, but when clicked upon directly connect the individual with a customer service person from the Invisalign brand. This methodology was used to help answer questions of those that had gone through a good portion of the funnel, but still had reservations. Additionally, the messenger ads also allowed the brand to reach back out to those that had requested a consultation but failed to finish scheduling their appointment.

The overall funnel based methodology, including these messenger ads, proved to produce a far more qualified lead, which increased overall conversion of those leads generated. Not only that, but as a result of investing in top-of-the-funnel advertising, overall lead costs decreased significantly as the call to action became far less intrusive the more educated the potential customer became.

In addition to utilizing a content funnel, Invisalign leveraged a flexible advanced geographical targeting algorithm built by the Monkedia team. This algorithm allowed Invisalign to target both broadly and locally to better maximize overall spend and prevented the brand from having to spend far less efficiently when certain geographical locations were seeing increased lead costs. Combining this approach with a unique pixel strategy based on geographical bias, the innovative approach resulted in a far greater use of the optimization engines within the social advertising platforms themselves.

Finally, Invisalign and Monkedia also leveraged Facebook’s advanced offline conversion tool to be able to track prospects once they had submitted a request online, all the way through the process to not only follow up with those that never showed for their appointment or even those that had just failed to finish booking their appointment after submitting a form through the advertising. In addition, this also allowed Monkedia to optimize all targeting against not just those that filled out the form for the initial consultation, but those that eventually purchased, a far different and more accurate demographic makeup. This approach allowed for increased targeting efficiently and decreased costs for the customer in a rather large way.


70% Decrease in Cost Per Lead + 40% Network Growth in 1st Year

Monkedia and Invisalign, through this unique social advertising approach, were able to not only decrease the cost per lead by more than 70%, but also were able to expand the network by another 40% within the first year, while doubling the number of actual purchases for the same amount of advertising dollars spent over the previous period.

Additionally, the new methodology has allowed Invisalign to invest more of their digital advertising portfolio in counties of great interest to the brand that were previously under-leveraged – countries like Austria, Brazil and more – allowing the larger corporation that is Invisalign to grow their organization in a significant way without having to suffer any decrease in overall advertising efficiency.

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